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It seems like fall is the time to go to Las Vegas. Everyone I know has a trip planned there soon. Heck, I considered it myself before I finally admitted that I shouldn’t vacation someplace with blackjack tables when I’m trying to be…uh, frugal.

Still, the cool desert breeze calls to me. Temperatures average 50-80 degrees in October–nice enough for shorts during the day, but cool enough to sleep at night…or at least put your stuff so nobody steals it.

If you plan on visiting Vegas soon, allow me to share a few hotel recommendations (and warnings) based on personal experience.

  • Monte Carlo – My husband and I stayed here on our honeymoon. It was brand new back then, very nice for the price. We loved the Italian restaurant (enough to visit it on subsequent trips) and the hotel has a brewpub. We also enjoyed Lance Burton’s show. The only drawback was the long walk to get from the strip to the elevators–typically a hike in most Vegas hotels but for some reason it seemed really long here.
  • Circus Circus – I stayed here with the hubby while he was on business. We were in one of the annex buildings, not the main hotel. In the middle of the night, we were awoken by the fire alarm and had to evacuate the building. It seems the wiring had caught fire in someone’s room. After 45 minutes of standing around in the parking lot, they let us go back in. We didn’t actually catch fire, so I guess that’s a selling point.
  • Imperial Palace – We stayed here with our bowling league several years ago. I remember being less than impressed (but it was really cheap). And they had a fabulous Asian restaurant in the basement with great food and amazing service.
  • TI (aka, Treasure Island) – Back when TI was about pirates, and not babes in boots and bottle service in the bars, it was a great place to stay. And the original free show in front of the hotel was worth standing around elbow to elbow for 30 minutes or more. Alas, TI has traded pirates for pretentiousness (not an upgrade, IMHO). However, if you come across a good deal, the rooms are large and comfy. Plus, if you can get one that overlooks the show, you can enjoy watching stuff blow up without having to listen to the crappy soundtrack.
  • Bally’s – The rooms at Bally’s are large and clean, a great deal for the price. Plus, it’s connected to the Paris Hotel so you don’t even have to go outside to enjoy a stroll or a bite to eat in “France.” Ask for a room on the Paris side and enjoy the Eiffel tower lit up at night.
  • Flamingo – My husband stayed here once on a business trip. He recalls a strange smell in the room and the furniture was a bit worn. That was some time ago, so perhaps they’ve redecorated since then. Still, for the going rate of $80 a night, I think you can do better. If you’re really hankering for a slice of old Vegas, try the Four Queens downtown. The rates are extremely reasonable considering the good reviews it gets online from people who have stayed there.
  • Rio Suites – Flying standby out of Vegas (not a good idea, btw), we got stuck in town when we couldn’t get on a flight. We chose the Rio because the rates were decent and the rooms are all suites. The accommodations weren’t huge, but they were nicely appointed. The hotel restaurant was tasty, too. But the best part was the rooftop bar with an amazing view of Vegas. I would stay here again, but even if I didn’t I would go back for that view!

Where’s your favorite (or least favorite) place to stay in Vegas? Add a comment and let me know!


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