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If you’re following my Carnival guest blog, the third and final part has been posted. Check it out!

As always, thanks for reading and feel free to share your comments and questions…!


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Part two of the Carnival guest blog is up – ports of call on our Mediterranean cruise. Check it out!

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Hey everyone, check out my guest post on Carnival Cruise’s “Splendid Things in Life” blog. This is part 1 of 3, re: our Mediterranean cruise on the Carnival Freedom. It was also our first cruise ever, so if you have thought about cruising, but have reservations, you may find it especially interesting.

Hope everyone is enjoying a great summer!

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Let’s talk cruising! Actually, I’m not an expert on cruises — we just took our second one last month. We were on the Carnival Triumph that left out of Miami and docked at St. Thomas, San Juan and Grand Turk. The trip was fantastic! Although, it’s hard to compare with our first cruise, which took us to ports in Italy, Greece and Turkey on the Freedom, Carnival’s flagship. Even after just two cruises, we’ve definitely formed some opinions.


One, we love to cruise! It’s a terrific way to see someplace new that you might not have gone otherwise (like Miami’s South Beach and San Juan, Puerto Rico, two of our favorites from this cruise!). It’s also nice to unpack just once (compared to some of our previous jaunts where we stayed only 2-3 nights in one place).


Two, part of the fun of cruising is feeling like you’re being pampered. For us, this includes dressing up on formal nights, and making sure that we have a cabin with a balcony where you can watch the blue waters course by in the privacy of your pajamas if you want. It also means taking advantage of little extras, like having breakfast delivered to the room, or attending an art auction for the free champagne. Believe it or not, we actually purchased a couple affordable works of art on the last cruise (both less than $200) — talk about feeling like a rich person!


Three, you don’t have to enjoy sunbathing to go on a cruise. In fact, for pale-skinned Irish descendants like ourselves, it’s probably best that you limit your time on deck, or at least make sure to bring a lot of sunscreen. In our case, we took advantage of the outdoor jogging track to get a little fresh air. If you can handle going in circles for 9-11 laps per mile, it’s a great way to get a little sun, work off your breakfast, and feel like part of the deck lounging crowd.


I could go on, but maybe I’ll save some opionions for a later blog. I am curious, though, to talk to other people who have cruised to find out what they enjoy, so leave a comment!

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